Clarissa Taggart Parkinson
by Hazel Parkinson McAlister

My mother, Clarissa Taggart, daughter of George Washington and Clarissa Marina Taggart, was the oldest daughter of thirteen children. She was born December 12, 1857,in Salt Lake City. I remember very little of her life, as she died when I was thirteen years old.

I do know we were a very happy family. Her brothers and sisters have always spoken of her as a wonderful woman. She was a favorite with younger people.

She was married to my father, Dr. Wm. B. Parkinson, December 6, 1875, and she was his second wife. He went on a mission to England, leaving her with two children. A few days before my father arrived home, she buried her children, both dying from scarlet fever.

They lived in Morgan. My father working at the Co-Op Store and studying medicine at the same time. He finished his medical training in Chicago at Rush Medical College. When he returned, they moved to Coalville. He stayed there a short time then moved to Farmington. They finally settled in Logan, where they remained.

My mother had seven children all born in different towns except the first three, Albert, Clarissa, and Leona. They were born in Morgan. George in Coalville, Mark in Lewiston. Hazel in Hyde Park and Alice in Lewiston. The reason the families were moving around was because of the Manifesto. My mother and the first wife Elizabeth lived together for 8 years and never had any disagreements. (They must have been angels.) I am sure we were one of the happiest polygamous families in the Church. My half brothers and sisters are very dear to me.

My mother died July 15, 1903, very unexpectedly while my father was in Chicago doing post graduate work.

- End -