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Parkinson Hospital
Successors to
The Cache Valley L.D.S. Hospital
191 West Center Street

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Bell Phone 336
Ind. Phone 332
P. O. Box 422

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W. B. Parkinson, M. D., Superintendent
Mrs. Ada P. England, Matron

Logan, Utah
November 26th 1913

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Mrs. M.J.Ballard.

Dear Sister Ballard:-

                Your telegram was duly received, and the reason I did not send you a wire in return was because I wanted to talk to Louie. Today after the funeral she came to my office and I had a good talk with her about Bob, it seemed a terrible trial for her to give him up, but after our talk she seemed to think it was for the best for the boys sake. I wanted her to bring him back and we would take care of him, but perhaps its for the best. I want to know who he is with, and promise to keep it away from Louie, because I think it would be better for her not to know where he is or who has him. She is going back to Portland and all I could do was of no avail, she had promised ^her mother^ never to live in Utah again, So my dear sister I hope you will see her once in awhile and give her a little motherly advice, perhaps some day she will turn to her home, and be glad to come to her father. I thank you for your kindness for the interest you have taken in her and the boy, and I sure appreciate your efforts to do her good, and I know the Lord and His good Angels will bless you in all your good works. We are all well here at home and wish to be kindly remembered to Grand-Ma Ballard and your dear husband.

Your Brother in the Gospel.
W. B. Parkinson