Latter-day Saints’ Millennial Star
Vol. 41, no. 38 (Mon., 22 Sept. 1879), pp. 605–6

Leeds, Sept. 10th, 1879.

President Wm. Budge.

Dear Brother—On receiving my appointment to labor in this Conference I wrote you that, on account of Brother Emery and I having made appointments to preach in several places in the Doncaster District, I would not be able to get to Leeds before the following week. I am pleased to inform you that I have arrived and feel well in the good work. I think that with the help of the Lord we will be able to do good in the Bradford District, that being the field which has been given me by Brother Smith, our worthy President, who seems to be very much interested in the work.

I enjoyed my labors in the Sheffield Conference and found on parting that I had become very much attached to the brethren and good Saints there. Brothers Emery, Goddard and Snow are full of energy and do not leave a stone unturned in trying to spread a knowledge of truth in that Conference. And the Saints are just as earnest and do all they can to assist the elders. They are always willing to turn out at their out-door meetings to assist them in singing, etc. The prayer of your humble servant will be for the Lord to continue to bless them in every good work.

Your Brother in the Gospel,

W. B. Parkinson.