Children of
William Brigham Parkinson Sr. and
Elizabeth Bull

Click on the pictures for additional shots if available.

Lilian P. Leishman
b. 19 May 1874
d. 19 Jul 1954
Ada P. England
b. 31 Dec 1875
d. 20 Jul 1957
William B. Parkinson Jr.
b. 24 Dec 1877
d. 26 May 1941
Elizabeth Parkinson
b. 11 Aug 1879
d. 3 Jul 1957
Afton P. Nielsen
b. 8 Jan 1886
d. 28 Jan 1949
Winifred P. Jennens
b. 5 Apr 1891
d. 30 Oct 1975

Note: If you have photos of William B. Parkinson Sr. or other family members that you would be willing to have scanned (no more destructive than a photocopy), please contact Ben Parkinson, webmaster. We plan to make high-resolution scans and/or reprints available to all family members.

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