The Family of
William Brigham Parkinson Sr.

Last Updated: 29 January 2005

William Brigham Parkinson Sr. was born April 4, 1852 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. When he was a boy he and his family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and emigrated to St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where his mother died. His father remarried and emigrated to Oregon but died en route. William lived with his stepmother in Oregon but ran away at age 12, eventually making his way to Utah. William worked as a telegraph operator and storekeeper and served a mission in England. Later he become a doctor and practiced in Morgan and later Cache County, Utah. He had four wives and numerous children. He died himself November 9, 1920, in Logan, Utah.

William's Wives

Elizabeth Clarissa
Edith Margaret

Histories Updated

Ben Parkinson, the William B. Parkinson site webmaster, recently completed revisions of his histories of William B. and Edith Benson Parkinson. Mainly I've added new information and photos related to fourth wife Margaret Sloan. See the histories page.

Memorial Day Note

The graves of William, Elizabeth, Clarissa, and Edith are located in the Logan City Cemetery, lot 37 plot 25 plat A. You can find this by driving on Fifth North in the cemetery until you find "25A" painted on the road (between Tenth and Forteenth East). The graves are probably 30 feet south of Tenth East.

Recently Clarissa Beutler and Diane Colston noticed that the gravestones had sunken so far into the ground they could hardly be read. These two Parkinson cousins took it on themselves to raise money from their branches of the family, and then had the stones raised and set in cement. Thanks, Clarissa and Diane, for this service to the whole family!

Update: I recently ran across Margaret's grave in the Logan Cemetery. It's address, from the state burials database, is A_120_1_3. This is by the sextant's office in the south center of the cemetery. As I recall it's on the southwest corner of one of the intersections there.

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