Miscellaneous Family Photos of
William Brigham Parkinson Sr.

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William with his family, mid-1850s
Father—John Parkinson.
Mother—Mary Woffinden,
died when William was 5 1/2.
This could be William's stepmother,
Mary Ann Nutman
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston
Retouched (frame added)
by Ben Parkinson

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William's "Aunt Woffinden"
Perhaps his mother
Mary Woffindin's sister
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston
Mary Ann Nutman Parkinson
Grant Littlefield,
William's stepmother,
from Maud Grant Alexander,
Uncle Dave Discovers Gold
(Pendleton, Oregon:
Eastern Oregon Publishing
Company, 1972)

Eliza Parkinson Hodgson,
William's Aunt, with her 
granddaughter Ruth Hodgson
Courtesy of Ron Wiser
The Hodgson, 1901
5th & B Street, Santa Rosa, California
Leticia Winton (David's wife), Ada, Eliza, and Richard Hodgson
David Hodgson on roof
Courtesy of Ron Wiser

Richard Hodgson,
Eliza's husband
Courtesy of Ron Wiser
Richard (right) and son David
Courtesy of Ron Wiser

William with all his sons
Top, L-R: Ezra Benson Parkinson, John Benson Parkinson, Dr. Fred Benson Parkinson, Marcus Taggart Parkinson
Bottom: Dr. George Taggart Parkinson, Don Benson Parkinson, Dr. Wm Brigham Parkinson Sr., Dr. Wallace Benson Parkinson, Dr. William Brigham Parkinson Jr.
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

Four of William's daughters
Top: Lillian P. Leishman
Middle, L-R: Elizabeth Parkinson,
Ada P. England
Bottom: Leone P. Johnson
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

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Two more of William's daughters
Veda P. Worley, Hazel P. McAlister
Courtesy of Diane P. Colston

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